The AEROGRESIA studio is the first professional air-brush studio in Bulgaria. It was founded in 2001 by Milena Koshutanska and Mircho Mirchev, National Academy of Art university graduates, graphic artists using the airbrush tool since 1992.

The first location of the studio was 32 Madrid Blvd in Sofia, it is currently situated at 105 Tzarigradsko Shose.

Airbrush is a tool used to spray dye using compressed air-stream or the so called “non-contact painting”, which permits the artist to perform his project on virtually any surface: canvas, wall, body, clothing, accessory, etc. The word “AEROGRESIA” is a rephrased of the name of an Ostgothic goddess of the wind Aeregres and includes “aero” and “aggression” in the meaning of the aerial color invasion of the airbrush on the painted surface.

Among the achievements of the studio there several prices won from airbrush competitions: 

2001 – Best painting award in Amsterdam for exterior decoration of a private van (an American D.A.V.C. fans competition) and the Easyriders bike magazine price in the Dream Bike category for a complete design of a Harley Davidson bike.

2002 – First prize on the European Bodypainting Festival in Seeboden, Austriain the airbrush category with a main theme Wild Creatures  and Medieval Times. The following year the same festival becomes World Festival and the studio wins the title in the category again, this time with main themes Cinema and Travel In Time.

The international recognition and the confidence that in Bulgaria there are enough talented authors using airbrush gives the founders of the studio the grounds to organize a similar body-painting festival locally. For a fourth consecutive year AEROGRESIA invites all who uses paintbrush and spray to show their skills in the National Body-art and Graffiti Festival. Here, apart from the unique character of the event paint on body for a first time 15 graffiti artists from all over the country painted on wall in real time competition. Within the Festival is held also the so called “Painted car parade”. Over 20 bikes and cars pass through the city and park in front of the Festival venue. We at AEROGRESIA are proud with the high level of the event and hope that it itself gives the participants confidence to compete on a art forums worldwide.


  The Studio organizes monthly workshops for all those wishing to acquire the technique of airbrush painting. The scope of application for the tool is quite versatile. Many artists, make-up specialists, tattooists, textile decorators, movie decor experts, nail artists, hobbyists and car painters or just people looking to have a new hobby have taken part in our workshops

In the summer of 2008 the owners of the Studio took part in the making of the Bulgarian movie DZIFT as a part of the make-up crew. Almost all of the actors from the cast were tattooed with the help of an airbrush.

Part of the costumes in the movie ODYSSEY by the highly acclaimed Bulgarian director Tedi Moskov were made by the Studio.


Major part of the airbrush painting and mostly the body-painting, which AEROGRESIA offers is in the field of advertising. We can name but a few of the projects we realized for accounts such as: Calendars with body-painting for MEGACHIM, SOFARMA, BAYER. A cover of a magazine for the CAPITAL newspaper, a photo shoot for the MAXIM and FHM magazines. Body-painting for performers in number of music videos including EXPOSE, AVA, LUNA and AZIS.

We have attended countless participations and demonstrations during the Plovdiv Fair for SOFIA AUTO, RIELLO and IMPRESIA, and also by invitation from PHILIPS, IDEAL-STANDARD and SIN CITY.

In two consecutive years AEROGRESIA does body-painting demonstrations at the Solun Fair in Greece for the Greek company PELLACHROM.

As a tradition we take part in The Night Of The Open Galleries in Plovdiv in the Vazrazhdane Gallery. During this event a number of artists show to the public almost throughout the entire night the techniques of various fields of the fine arts.

The tools we use for our works are Iwata airbrushes and Createx and Fardel dyes and body dyes.




Contact numbers for the Studio: 0888 992583 and 0888 922934